5 Top Silver Ceiling Fans with Remote and Lights in 2021

How to choose the best silver ceiling fan for your living space?

We will give you useful information about the silver ceiling fans and offer you some of the best ceiling fans of this kind in the market.

beatuiful silver finish indoor ceiling fan


Why Should you Get a Silver Ceiling Fan?

The reasons why you should get a silver ceiling fan are:

 Enhanced air circulation 

To ensure that you stay relaxed during hot seasons, the fans shift air around so that you can experience steady and strong airflow.

 Improved space decoration 

To suit your personal preference and fit the theme of your room, silver ceiling fans come in different designs and styles.

 They are cost-efficient 

Most of them are equipped with a powerful and reversible motor, to ensure you can be comfortable in both winters and summers with less energy used.

 They are versatile 

Be it small or wide spaces, they can be used anywhere in your home to bring about the cooling effect.

 Various shape and size avaliable 

These fans come in a variety of shapes and sizes giving you a wide range of products that you can choose from.


What Makes the Good Sliver Outdoor Ceiling Fan?

Many ceiling fans come with the option of lights as a bonus, which means you can light up your room at the same time as you cool it.

Some of the features that make a good silver ceiling outdoor fan are:

 Size and performance 

The size and efficiency of your fan matter a great deal. You need one which can effectively promote airflow and cool you down even in open hot places.

which is achieved by a ceiling fan with the appropriate size and performance. Silver ceiling fans come in multiple sizes to fit your space adequately.

However, it is a bit more difficult to size outdoor fans than to size indoor ones, which can be easily accomplished by calculating a room’s square footage.

To measure the area of your patio for a better understanding of what size to purchase, you can use the ceiling fan size calculator.

 Type of the motor 

We have two kinds of motors, the AC and the DC. The DC ceiling fans use the latest technology that integrates electronics to convert normal AC power to direct current.

On the other hand, AC motors draw a lot of power. Without losing efficiency, DC fans use 75 percent less energy, so they are much more powerful and environmentally friendly.

If what you are looking for is an energy-efficient outdoor fan, it has to be DC.


Nowadays, there are thousands of viable exterior fan designs on the market, ranging from ultra-modern to warmly traditional.

While outdoor ceiling fans come in many of the same types as indoor ceiling fans, they work perfectly in the open spaces and/or covered outdoor spaces, while adding elegance.


How Do You Choose the Best Silver Ceiling Fan?

With so many types of metal ceiling fans available, there can be a great deal of thought when it comes to buying ceiling fans.

It seems like a surprisingly complicated decision when you want to choose which silver ceiling fan to add to your house because of the many types that exist.

We will guide you on what to look for the best one for your home.


The prices for silver fans vary, so it is possible to find an acceptable option for those with budget constraints without having to spend a lot of money.


Another important thing to note when buying a silver ceiling fan is the style of the fan. Modern ceiling fans add a more intimate and elegant touch to a room.

Besides, the immense choice of style options allows you to opt for a fan that would create contrast in your room.

 Type of control 

A remote control, a pull chain system, and a wall switch are three key types of speed controls.

Generally, you can add a remote control or wall control to your fan in most situations, but rarely ever add a pull chain to one.

Some remote controls are extremely user-friendly and offer you a wide range of choices and programs to choose from and even adjust the speed of the blades routinely.

 Mounting options 

There are several options available, each designed to optimize air circulation and proportionally fit into space. The size of your room decides the type of fan to buy.

Always make sure you know the dimensions of your space before buying a fun-because buying a fan that is too small or too large for the room can make the air circulation into the room bad.

The installation of fans at least 7 feet from the floor is included in the regulations.


Best Silver Ceiling Fan Review

1. Best Modern: NOMA 42-inch Silver Ceiling Fan with Dimmable Light and Remote

sleek 4 blades silver ceiling fan


  • Silent reversible motor
  • Led lighting kit
  • Long lifespan 


  • Indoor use only

This contemporary, sleek ceiling fan is made of metal featuring a nickel finish and is ideal for any living room or bedroom.

The NOMA ceiling fan boasts a light kit with a cream glass shade that offers soft lighting while complementing the silver metal casing.

The engine of the ceiling fan is ultra-powerful and well-balanced, producing a significant amount of air movement while staying silent on all the 3-speed settings.

The motor has a reverse function, enabling you to adjust the fan’s direction depending on the season. Great downdraft mode during the summer season and perfect updraft mode during the cold seasons.

Get a versatile illumination with the long shelf life LED dimmable light bulb. It includes a remote with a dimming function that allows you to create the perfect ambiance and atmosphere for comfort.

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2. Best 3 Blades: Minka-Aire Full-range Light Dimming Ceiling Fan for Indoor Use

52-inch three-bladed indoor ceiling fan



  • It is beautiful and attractive
  • Installation is easy and fast
  • It is relatively quiet


  • It is not light kit compatible

This Minka-Aire ceiling fan is a contemporary, sleek ceiling fan with a truly unique style. It is designed with three silver blades, with a blade pitch of 48 degrees that provides optimal airflow for any room.

The Minka Aire fan is also WiFi-enabled, for easy and quick connection to your Wi-Fi, and powered by Bond technology.

This enables you to connect it with the Alexa for easier fan control while adding extra versatility. This means that it is possible to voice-activate your ceiling fan.

It is quick and simple to install and on the other hand, it can be placed up to 21° using a 6-inch downrod and the angle adapter.

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3. Best with Light: HUNTER Fan Company Low Profile Ceiling Fan with Pull Chain Control

Hunter fan company matte cilver ceiling fan


  • Energy-efficient and dimmable light
  • Ideal for use during summer and winter
  • Multi-speed reversible motor


  • Installation is a bit difficult

The low-profile fan provides you with cooling winds while enjoying the soft lighting. The light function is ideal and enough, hence, you do not need to spend your money on buying another lamp, thereby saving you money while the LED bulbs are energy-efficient.

The silver ceiling fan has a multi-speed reversible motor, unlike conventional ceiling fans, making it simple for both summer and winter use.

The pull chain helps to turn the fan on and off and to quickly and easily change the speed. It is only for indoor use in rooms with a low ceiling.

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4. Most Suitable for Small Spaces: Hunter Hartland 5 Blades Matte Silver Ceiling Fan

hunter dan company indoor use matte silver ceiling fan


  • Motor is reversible
  • LED has a long shelf life
  • Great design


  • No remote control

The three-speed motor is reversible, enabling you to adjust the direction of your fan from the downdraft to the updraft mode, helping you to cool your space throughout the year.

This ceiling fan is only rated for indoor spaces. For easy installation, the fan features a 3-mounting system that allows for low, standard, or angled mounting.

To ensure ideal air movement and peak performance, the blades are pitched at 13 degrees. Ideal for 8-foot ceiling height and above.

It has three LED bulbs that use less energy and still bright enough to illuminate your room.

To ensure proper distance from the ceiling and effective air movement the fan includes rods of 2-feet and 3-feet.

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5. The Quietest: Warmiplanet Indoor Multifunctional 52-inch Ceiling Fan with Silent Reversible Motor

Warmiplanet brushed nickel silver indoor ceiling fan


  • Multi-functional remote control
  • Motor is silent
  • Contemporary style

Warmiplanet is a high-quality ceiling fan with white and silver double-sided fan blades and a sleek nickel-plated engine casing. It contains two 5-inch and 8-inch down-rods, making it easy to fix.

It includes an LED lighting kit that has a longer lifetime and higher brightness, thereby assured that every corner of the room can be illuminated by it.

The remote control controls all the activities of the ceiling fan. The LED color temperature is adjustable from cool white to warm white to full light by continuously pressing the remote ON and OFF button.

The ceiling fan has a reverse airflow feature that allows you to adjust the direction of the fan to achieve a cooling effect in summer and a warming effect in winter to retain all-year-round comfort.

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What Types of Silver Ceiling Fans You Can Choose From?

There is a variety of silver ceiling fans, and the following are some of them.

 With remote 

These are silver ceiling fans that feature remote control. The remote control is used to quickly turn the ceiling fans on and off while changing the speed.

These fans are designed for a high ceiling where pull chains cannot be used. They weigh lightly and are compact.


 With light 

There are silver ceiling fans equipped with lighting units in them. If the mounted place might need a lighting boost, or just for stylish decoration addition and energy saving, you can buy the silver ceiling fan with light.

There are numerous sources of lights that can be used: LED, fluorescent, and halogen lights. They have different energy-saving rates, with the highest being LED.


 With light and remote 

These are silver ceiling fans, which both have the functionality of lighting and are powered by a remote device.

These are mainly among the new ceiling fans where a lighting system does not have to be mounted with it, and it is simple to customize the fan speed and brightness using the remote.


 With crystals 

Crystals can also be put in the silver ceiling fan. In addition to air circulation, silver ceiling fans with crystals also adds style to your home.



There is a wide variety of silver ceiling fans. These fans not only ensure effective air movement but also add style to your spaces. There are both indoor and outdoor silver fans with exemplary performance.

Go get a Silver ceiling fan that is of best fit according to your style.

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