Best Residential Ceiling Fans

A residential ceiling fan is a device equipped on the ceiling area to provide a good flow of fresh air during the warm seasons. The ceiling fans come in a different style where some are fitted with reversible motor and blades such that you can till utilizing them during the winter seasons for warm air. The ceiling fans are easy to control as they come with different control mechanisms. Some are controllable with remotes, while others feature a wall button control mechanisms. This article features the top best residential ceiling fans on the market and the buying guide to follow when buying them.

Top 8 Best Residential Ceiling Fans

Best Residential Ceiling Fans

1. Best Residential Low Profile Ceiling Fan – Prominence Home 50853

best residential ceiling fans

  • Matte Finishing

This ceiling fan features a matte finishing that adds an extra decor look on the ceiling. It is flexible in use as you can either fit it as a hugger or downward hanging ceiling fan.

  • Ideal for Small Rooms

This fan is ideal for small bedrooms as it leaves enough space between the ground and the ceiling for passage. The middle area is fitted with a bulb that provides light illumination in the room.

  • Three Functional Speeds

The fan has a total of three functional speeds to choose from depending on the climatic condition around the house. This makes it a perfect fan for summer and winter as well.

  • The fan is made in a beautiful finish
  • It fits medium and small apartments
  • It has a bulb that provides lighting in the house
  • The fan is designed with a three-speed mechanism
  • This fan does not fit large rooms


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2. Best Powerful Residential Ceiling Fans – Westinghouse 7801665

best powerful residential ceiling fan

  • Suitable for Medium or Large Rooms

If you are looking for a flexible fan for fitting in medium-sized and large rooms then this is a great model to consider. This fan has high functional power and powerful blades that provide enough air in large rooms.

  • Black Matte Finishes

The black matte finish gives a room a great and beautiful look on the ceiling area. The fan is equipped with five reversible blades that make it a convenient fan to use even during the cold seasons.

  • Come With Lights

The middle area of the fan has a frosted glass bulb that provides enough illumination. This eliminates the need to spend extra money on buying bulbs in the house.

  • The fan has high quality and powerful motor
  • It is quite easy to fit on the ceiling
  • The fan has dual mounting installation
  • It comes with a remote for convenient control
  • This fan has powerful air supply thus, does not fit small rooms in the house


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3. Energy Efficient Residential 52 Inch LED Ceiling Fan

best energy efficient residential ceiling fan

  • Ideal for Large Rooms

This fan is ideal for large living rooms since it can efficiently function for rooms measuring around 400 Sq. fixing to the ceiling takes a few minutes with the provided user guide and tools.

  • Producing Excellent Airflow

The fan delivers excellent airflow in the house to improve the air conditions around the house throughout. The motor and the blades can be reversed to provide warm air during the winter seasons. Hence, this is an all-round fan for every home use. Being made by one of the world-leading companies, the fan guarantees long use.

  • This fan works for all seasons
  • It is easy to fit
  • One is provided with remote for fast and easy operation
  • The fan features an elegant finish
  • The motor produces annoying noises sometimes


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4. Best Hunter Residential Ceiling Fans – Hunter 59244 Models

best hunter residential ceiling fan

  • Producing Excellent Lighting

Apart from ensuring there is cool breeze airflow in your room, this fan is also fitted with a large bulb in the middle to offer excellent lighting during the night. It has an excellent motor that works in a reversal mode for convenience use during all seasons, including during the winter seasons.

  • Ideal for Low Ceilings

This fan is ideal for homes with a low ceiling as it does not hang a lot on the ceiling. The fan comes packed with a remote for easy controlling of its speed and light functionality. Note that this Hunter fan comes in parts although it takes a few minutes to fix it together.

  • This fan is quite beautiful
  • It can be used during both cold and hot seasons
  • The motor does not produce loud noises when in use
  • Controlling the functioning of this fan is easy
  • The motor is sold with a limited warranty


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5. Best 42 Inch Residential Ceiling Fans – Westinghouse 72358

best 42 inch ceiling fan for residential use

  • Come With An LED Light

This powerful indoor fan comes with an LED light that gives great light illumination at night, and it also features a downward rod hanging design ideal for people with large rooms.

  • Excellent Blades

The finishing on the structure and the blades are made of excellent material that also gives the fan a beautiful look. The blades and the motor operate in a reversible mechanism to ensure an excellent supply of air during both cold and hot seasons.

  • Quiet Performance

The motor equipped on this model is quite powerful and operates at low tones to prevent distractions around the house. The motor is sold with a 2-year warranty for quality assurance and prevent the customer from any manufacturing defects.

  • This fan is durable
  • It has a beautiful finish
  • It has low power consumption even when the light is on
  • The motor and the blades function in reversible form as well
  • This fan cannot be flush mounted


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6. Best Hugger Ceiling Fan for Residential Ceiling Fan – Prominence 80029-01

best hugger ceiling fan

  • Ideal for Small or Low Ceiling Homes

If you have a small or low ceiling home then this is the perfect fan to buy. It fits perfectly for low ceilings as it does not take up much space around the house.

  • Less Noisy Than Other Models

Note that the motor on this fan produces sound when in function but it is quite minimal as opposed in other models. The fan has double-sided blades that offer reversal function essential for use during the cold season as it provides warm air. This fan is quite convenient in operation because it is compatible with other universal fan remotes.

  • This fan is quite durable
  • Fitting it to the ceiling takes little time
  • The motor and blades are reversible for convenience to use in all seasons
  • The fan can be operated by all universal remotes
  • Higer Power Consumption

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7. Best Modern Residential Ceiling Fans – Anderson Light Modern LED Ceiling Fan

best residential modern ceiling fan

  • For Both Indoor or Outdoor Use

This fan fits for both indoor and outdoor use thanks to the quality materials. It has stainless steel blades and housing that prevents it from water damage. The fan has a middle-sized bulb that provides excellent illumination in the room.

  • A Motor With Great Designs

The motor has a great design that empowers its functioning, and it also has copper wire design that prevents it from damage. The motor on this fan does not produce annoying noises than other similar models.

  • Energy-Saving Fan

This fan has a green star; hence, it is an energy-efficient fan for every home.

  • The fan can be used on indoor and outdoor
  • The LED light on the fan is dimmable
  • The fan can be used on different seasons
  • The fan is energy efficient
  • The light provided by the fan is not too bright

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8. Best Residential Ceiling Fan With Remote – Harbor Breeze Mazon 44-in Flush Mount Ceiling Fan

best residential ceiling fan with remote control

  • Modern Designs

The modern unique design of this fan makes stand out and adds a touch of elegance in the room. This fan features a compact design thus it is suitable for fitting in small to medium houses.

  • Three Working Speeds

This modern fan has three different working speeds that enable the user to control the amount of air supply in the room. This also makes it a versatile fan to use during both cold and sunny seasons.

  • The installation of this fan is straight forward and easy
  • It is made of high-quality materials
  • The motor and blades can be reversed for the efficient supply of air in the house
  • This fan fits small rooms as the air supply is not enough for large rooms

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How To Choose The Best Residential Ceiling Fans?

large residential ceiling fans

The distance to the ceiling

The first thing to consider when buying a ceiling fan is the distance between the floor and the ceiling. You need a fan that will provide the right airflow that is neither too high nor too low. Also, you need a fan that allows enough space for easy passage around the room.

So, make sure to choose a fan that suits your house fitting. If you live in small apartments, consider getting flush fans as they are easy to fix on the low ceilings and allow enough space as well. Measure the distance between the floor and the ceiling of the house to determine the type of ceiling fan to buy.

The number of blades

The number of blades affects the amount of air the fan can distribute in the room. This is because the blade’s movement speed determines the airflow. A fan with multiple blades of more than 3 has low air supply because the blades operate at low speed, while a fan with about 3 blades works perfectly in distributing high levels of air in the room. The fans equipped with minimal blades are recommendable for large rooms and vice versa.

Matthews IR3HLK-CR-BW-42 Irene 42″ 3 Blade Residential Ceiling Fan

best large residential ceiling fan

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The control option

The ceiling fans can either be controlled with buttons or with a remote. If you need a fast and easy to control fan, consider the fan compatible with remote. This type of fun does not restrict your movements and it is easy to use since you can either dim or reverse the fan from different areas. Also, consider buying a fan compatible with universal fan remotes since such fans are convenient in control to in case the remote spoils.

The warranty

The ceiling fans are sold with limited warranties for quality assurance. The warranty is a crucial document to check when buying the fan as it proves the quality of the fan. Always choose a valuable fan with a warrant for up to 2 years and ensure it covers the replacement of its parts as well.

The installation area

Do you need a ceiling fan for indoor or outdoor use? This is another crucial thing to consider if you want to get a good ceiling. The ceiling fan for outdoor use is different from the indoor ceiling fans. An outdoor ceiling should be made of waterproof material such that, even if it comes to contact with moisture, the blades will not rust. Also, an outdoor ceiling needs to have a powerful motor that ensures excellent and high flow of air to cover a large area considering the area installed is open.

The price

The budget you have is a huge determinant when it comes to the selection of a ceiling fan. The budget includes the type of ceiling fan to buy and also the installation cost. Considering the cooling fans are sold at different prices, your budget and home needs will determine the type of fan to buy.

For example, if you want an indoor ceiling fan with lighting and low power consumption around the house, the cost is higher as opposed to buying a standard ceiling fan. When it comes to installation, the cost varies depending on the services; the cost for replacing an already existing fan is relatively lower as opposed to the cost of installing a new ceiling fan.

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Ceiling fans come in different types and styles for people to choose the most appropriate fan for their home. The above-reviewed fans are suitable for different sized rooms and provide excellent illumination for home use. They are also equipped with powerful motor and blades that work in reverse to supply even warm air during the cold seasons. Make sure to follow the above buying guide to help you choose the right model of the fan depending on the size of your room and the functioning as well.

Top Residential Ceiling Fans