Finding the Best Metal Ceiling Fans Here! [2021]

When the weather is sweltering and unbearable during the summer, cooling fans come in handy as they bring about the cooling effect, leaving you feeling fresh and making your summers enjoyable.

As one of the popular types among ceiling fans, metal ceiling fans stand out due to their sleek design and excellent performance. Information about metal ceiling fans is as follows. Continue reading to get what you need.

rustic metal ceiling fans


Why Should You Purchase the Best Metal Ceiling Fans?

During summer, a cooling fan is among the essential appliances in the homes. Ceiling fans are made from wood, plastic, and metal materials. Here we are going to take you through some of the benefits of metal cooling fans.

 They are long-lasting 

Steel is a hard material that does not easily deform or stain under harsh weather conditions. Fans made from steel metal tend to last longer because steel is hard and does not stain easily.

 They are stylish 

A silver-colored steel body fan appears cooler than wood or wood-blend fans, which may give a shady, eerie look. Steel blades tend to match well with modern designs.

 They have various sizes 

Their sizes are proportionate to room sizes. There is a variety of fans depending on the size of your room. The fans are available in various shapes, although the round shape is the most common in the market.

The blades also vary in shapes from rectangular, broad, rounded petal-like, and tapered style, giving you many options.

 They can move more air 

Because of their mighty motor, metal fans tend to move more air than other materials, thereby ensuring sufficient airflow in a room.


Benefits of Metal Ceiling Fans with Light

While cooling systems are available, many can be costly to operate, making them financially inaccessible to specific individuals. Luckily, there is another cheaper option.

These fans not only cool our rooms but also provide lighting too. Other more benefits come along with these two main ones.

 Contemporary and trendy 

You can add beauty and style to every space in your home with the new fans you can get today.

You will be able to find a ceiling fan that nicely matches it, regardless of the type of decor you have in your home. You would be able to find a fan that is right for you with a metal ceiling.

 Useful and purposeful 

When you have them mounted in your house, these ceiling fans can serve several functions. One of the visual advantages of these items is adding beauty and elegance to your home.

You also get the extra benefit of sleek lighting and the ability to cool down the room rapidly and efficiently. This, in addition to being fashionable and desirable, makes them practical and functional.


Because of these fans’ energy efficiency, you will not have to think about leaving a large carbon footprint.

If you want a cooling system that is eco-friendly to do your bit for the right cause, using these ceiling fans is an excellent choice.

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Before You Buy

There can be much thinking with so many types of metal ceiling fans available when it comes to purchasing ceiling fans. The airflow, dimensions of your space, CFM, the length of its blades, and the number of blades all need to be considered.

Here are some key factors you should consider before buying your metal ceiling fan.

 Speed control 

There are three significant speed controls: remote, pull chain, or a wall switch control. Typically, most remote controls are incredibly user-friendly and provide you with a vast range of selections and programs to routinely select from and even change the blades’ pace.

 Brand and budget 

We all believe that popular brands mean better quality. This is not entirely true as there are not very common brands but produce fans of high quality in terms of performance and quality at an affordable rate.

The prices for metal fans differ. Hence one with budget limits can find an acceptable alternative without having to spend much money.

 Number of blades 

Aesthetics and personal preference are critical variations on the number of blades in metal ceiling fans. A three-bladed fan tends to be a bit noisy compared to a five-bladed one.

If you desire comfort, then a five-bladed fan is the way to go since it uses a more powerful motor, ensuring complete silence while giving optimal performance.

 Style and finish 

The style of the fan is another important thing to remember before buying a metal ceiling fan. Modern ceiling fans can add a more intimate and elegant touch to a room.

Besides, the immense selection of style options allows you to opt for a fan in your room to create contrast. Metal fans exist in varied shapes, both the blades and the fan itself.


How to Choose the Best Metal Ceiling Fans?

Choosing the right size can be overwhelming with so many variables and choices. When you first start, deciding what sort of metal ceiling fan you should add to your room can seem like a complicated decision.

 Size of the room 

The room’s dimension is the first thing to look at when deciding which fan size to include in the room.

The room’s size indicates the fan’s size to be used because a fan that is too big or small will not ensure maximum air circulation.

 Hanging height 

The base of the fan should be at least 7 feet off the floor to follow building codes. You may use fans with down-rods to reach the right height for higher ceilings.

Distribution and airflow will be great if the room between the ceiling and the blades is sufficient. Flush-mount fans are ideal for rooms with low ceilings.

 Sloped ceiling 

Apart from hugger fans, most fans can accommodate some degree of slope. To guarantee adequate blade clearance, an additional longer downrod can be purchased.

Manufacturers sell sloped-ceiling adaptors for steeper slopes or in instances where sloped ceiling installation is not allowed.


What Makes the Best Industrial Metal Ceiling Fan?

For large commercial spaces, ordinary ceiling fans are not an optimal match. You need the best industrial metal ceiling fan for such locations to distribute considerable amounts of air for the larger areas.

The following are some of the main features that make an excellent industrial metal ceiling fan.

 Wide blade span 

Godowns, warehouses, and factories have a high ceiling. These require fans with a broader blade span to dispense air all over the room effectively and efficiently. Large blades offer an excellent spin rate.

 Reversible blades 

These fans are also referred to as heat fans as they can be reversed to circulate hot air from the ceiling downwards. Therefore, for a metal ceiling fan to be considered for industrial use, the blades must be reversible.


You would not want a metal ceiling fan to bring problems during installation. Given their 10 feet high installation requirement, these fans are assembled in and easy to install.

 Powerful motor 

The engine is responsible for the continuous and heavy-duty functionality of the industrial fans.

Quality options come with a very well-built engine that can satisfy the requirement of sizeable industrial fan use for a long time to ensure excellent cooling.


These fans have a very bright light that perfectly illuminates the large industrial rooms. You may decide to use a ceiling fan light instead of regular light.

Therefore go for LED, Halogen, or Fluorescent light that will save you money and energy.


Best Metal Ceiling Fans Review

1. The Quietest: Honeywell LED 52-inch Gun Metal Ceiling Fan with Remote Control

best metal blade ceiling fan


  • It has a longer lifespan
  • The motor is silent and reversible
  • It offers dynamic hanging capabilities
  • You can control it with your voice


  • The fan heats on high settings

You will not need to look any further than the Honeywell ceiling fan when you need a fan that is powerful, stylish, and good value for money.

The bronze-finished motor house and Edison-style bulbs set a trendy pattern. Simultaneously, the dual-finish chestnut and rugged pine blades give this attractive fan a rustic aesthetic.

You will have no trouble archiving the ideal degree of brightness to create an atmosphere in your space, as the bulbs are dimmable. The LED bulbs are energy-saving and durable, with a 25000-hour lifetime.

The fan has a three-speed reversible quiet-running motor that, during service, barely produces a hum. Therefore, you do not have to think about disrupting your sleep or leisure with a noisy engine.

While wall switches can be used to power this fan, it also comes complete with a remote control that allows easy adjustment between the three different speed settings.

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2. Best Modern: Minka-Aire 3 Blades 54-inch Ceiling Fan with Reversible Motor

Gun metal 3 blades best ceiling fan for bedroom


  • It has a high speed
  • Consumes low energy
  • Lightweight
  • High airflow


  • It is not compatible with a light kit

With 54-inch of pure mechanical glory, the Minka Aire steel ceiling fan wields an outstanding industrial revolution model.

It is influenced by the revolution that shifted us from hand manufacturing methods to machines and propelled modern production processes and iron production.

The fan is UL-listed for indoor use only as it is prone to corrosion in dry locations. Airflow up to 5816-CFM is provided by this fan, making it suitable for large rooms up to 400-sq ft.

The reverse airflow mechanism allows you to adjust the fan’s direction to cater to all seasons. A wall-mounted remote control is included in the fan.

It is a huge fan of mixed style decoration, while the oil-rubbed bronze finish is fantastic.

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3. Most Suitable for Outdoor Use: Prominence Home Indoor and Outdoor Dual-mount Ceiling Fan with Pull Chain

stainless steel outdoor ceiling fans


  • Blades have multiple finishes and decorations
  • Possible to fix it in two different ways
  • Trendy industrial look
  • It comes with a limited lifetime warranty


  • No remote control

Get the state-of-the-art look you have always wanted with this fan. These ceiling fans save energy in the summer and winter and provide any room decor with aesthetic enhancement. This dynamic ceiling fan is designed for both locations.

Whether you are looking to upgrade your bedroom or patio, this ceiling fan fits perfectly. The blades are 52-inch, which is perfect for providing you with a calm breeze at any time.

It has a 3-speed, reversible motor. The reverse airflow mechanism allows you to easily adjust the fan’s direction to ensure proper air circulation.

The fan produces high-quality performance together with the comfort you need since it does not make any sound. It has a lifetime warranty that keeps you satisfied throughout its life.

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4. Most Suitable for Small Space: Westinghouse 42-inch Indoor Energy-saving Ceiling Fan

industrial metal ceiling fan


  • The motor has a lifetime warranty
  • Light kit integrated
  • Low profile with an elegant gunmetal finish
  • Reliable performance
  • Cheap and affordable


  • No remote control

This metal ceiling fan is suitable for small rooms of up to 100 square feet as it comes with a downrod mounting option only, ideal for such rooms.

The black and graphite finish on the blades gives it a dazzling look. It is lightweight and small, making it perfect for hallways, children’s rooms, and laundry rooms. Installation on a sloped ceiling is possible up to 13 degrees.

It delivers efficient air circulation driven by an energy-efficient engine, which operates with minimum energy consumption of 53 watts.

Equipped with an integrated LED lighting kit, it comes with frosted opal glass that includes two bright LED bulbs. Its durability is high since it is made from medium-density fiber.

The high-quality engine provides reliable performance backed by a lifetime warranty, while other parts have a two-year warranty.

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5. Best with Lights: Westhouse Lighting Contemporary Style 24-inch Ceiling Fan with 5 Wooden Blades

Westinghouse Lighting small indoor use ceiling fan


  • Lifetime cover on the motor
  • Cost-effective
  • Reversible feature during winter
  • Reversible blades with a dual finish

This LED fan provides technology for cooling small spaces up to 100 sq ft. including offices, walk-in closets, and kid’s rooms.

With a steep blade pitch of 18 degrees and a sleek, compact design, it is useful as a small ceiling fan for complete comfort.

This LED fan’s features include opal frosted glass, a gunmetal finish, and coordinating black and graphite blades. It is integrated with a dimmable LED light kit that supplies sufficient light.

The motor has a lifetime warranty, while the other parts have a two-year cover.

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1. Can I use metal ceiling fans outdoor?


It is possible to use metal ceiling fans outdoor.

In cases where you do not have an air conditioner for your outdoor space, a modern outdoor ceiling fan is an excellent choice. Generally, there are metal ceiling fans that are designed specifically for outdoor usage.

These fans are usually damp-rated, wet-rated, or salt-rated. The damp-rated metal ceiling fans are designed for partially covered outdoor space.

In contrast, the wet-rated are intended for fully exposed outdoor spaces. The salt-rated are designed for areas with salty or acidic rain.

To ensure that your fan stays in good shape, clean your metal ceiling fans frequently, particularly in coastal locations. To minimize dust and excess moisture, scrub the stainless steel fans with a soft, damp cloth.


2. Where can I use a metal cage ceiling fan, and why?

Caged fans with smaller diameters are a perfect match in bedrooms decorated with an industrial aesthetic while ensuring safety. Each of these well-designed fans would gladly welcome home offices and kitchens.

Outside the house, any outdoor cage fans keep the decks, patios, and covered gazebos cool throughout the year.

The fixture character may be brought to light by a cage covering a ceiling fan or wall fan. These fans offer a decorative look that is rustic, modern farmhouse, and traditional style room decorating.



During hot days, cool your home down by having the best metal ceiling fan. They come in various shapes, designs, sizes, different lighting forms, and blades.

Do not let the heat distract you from enjoying your sleep and relaxation. Get your metal ceiling fan today.

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