Top 6 Best Cooling Ceiling Fans Reviews For Cooling Down A Room Effectively

There is nothing much exhilarating and enjoyable like sitting in your room or on your porch while taking white coffee comfortably as time runs by. This perfect scenario can be achieved while enjoying a cool breeze or a setting with perfectly cool and gentle air around.

Although those days don’t last due to the summer season, you can prolong them as you wish by buying a cooling ceiling fan. Below is in-depth information on cooling ceiling fans and their reviews.

What Are the Best Cooling Ceiling Fans on the Market?


How to Choose the Best Cooling Ceiling Fans?

During summer, a cooling ceiling fan is among the number one appliances needed in homes. When searching for the best cooling ceiling fan, you might be overwhelmed by the variety of ceiling fans in the market. Here are ways to help you choose the best cooling ceiling fan for your home.

cooling ceiling fans

– Size.

The market offers a variety of sizes on cooling ceiling fans due to various room sizes. A small size ceiling fan cannot cool a large room while a large ceiling fan would be extremely incompatible with a small room. Therefore, when choosing the best cooling ceiling fan consider the size compatible with the room.

– Fan control.

There are numerous ways to control a fan, for example, wall switch, remote, and pull chain control. According to the distance between the floor and the ceiling, it’s easier to determine which is the ideal fan control. For instance, a low ceiling fan may consider using a pull chain as it’s easily accessible or a wall control while the remote control is ideal for a high ceiling. Also, according to the ease of use, the control will determine the ceiling fan to buy, generally, the remote control is the best.

– Efficiency and airflow.

Cooling ceiling fans have a difference in their efficiency and airflow. There are DC motor fans or energy-rated fans. The difference is that a DC fan can be used in garages, warehouses, or those who love lots of air movement while energy rated does not have lots of air movement. Efficiency and airflow determine how cool the place will be.

– Location.

Usages of cooling ceiling fans may differ according to different locations needed. The fan needed for indoor use cannot be a place for outdoor purposes. The more compatible they are in their location the more functionality they have. Determine where to use the ceiling fan to reap the best functions.


Best Cooling Ceiling Fans Reviews.

1. Best with Light – HUNTER 59269 Low Profile Ceiling Fan.

white ceiling fans with chain control

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Hunter 59269 is a modern ceiling fan that is compatible with your home decoration designs while it gives that fresh air you need when relaxing. The Hunter ceiling fan is made with metal blades while the control type is a pull chain where you can easily turn it on and off in addition to adjusting the speed. The ceiling fan is designed for indoor usage and it suits the rooms with low ceilings or low-profile housings for easy fit at a flush.

The LED bowl lights kit incorporated in the ceiling fan makes it energy-efficient as light bulbs enable you to control the lighting and the ambiance in the room. The ceiling fan comes with a multi-speed reverse fan motor that has powerful airflow with quiet performance in cooling your room while you can change the direction of the blades. The fan is ideal to be used in living rooms, children’s rooms, bedrooms, nursery, etc.


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2. Best Contemporary – Prominence 50345-01 Ceiling Fan with LED Light

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Have you been on the lookout for an outdoor ceiling fan with a sturdy build yet has a sleek design for adding a stylish touch to your space? Prominence 50345 Ceiling Fan is the best choice. The ceiling fan features a reversible, 3-speed powerful motor meaning that it’s easy to change the direction of the fan to keep your room with the maximum aeration. The fan has a crisp black body and 4 waterproof sleek blades and it has a dynamic hanging capability with multi-position thus you can hang in a way deemed easier to you.

This outdoor ceiling fan is fitted with frosted LED lights as it lights up that outdoor space yet dimmable when you want to sleep or relax. It comes with ample and fully-integrated light fixtures and bulbs which 800 lumens, 8.5 watts, the beam angle is 200% which makes it capable of lighting up your space evenly. The ceiling fan is ETL damp-rated which makes it ideal to be hung either indoors or outdoors on patios, garages, pergola, and breezeways while still oozing the aesthetic looks.


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3. Best For Indoors – Hunter 59246 44” White Ceiling Fan with Light 

white ceiling fans with light

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Are you in search of an indoor ceiling fan where you can efficiently control it at the comfort of your sofa? The Hunter 59246 Ceiling Fan is what you are looking for. This ceiling fan from the Hunter Fan brand comes with a multi-speed reversible fan motor that guarantees powerful airflow functionality while devoid of noise. Also, you can change the direction of the ceiling fan for ample airflow in either summer or winter seasons.

The modern ceiling fan comes with a LED light which is covered by a case to keep the interiors of your home up-to-date and beautiful. The height is adjustable as it comes with included 2’ and 3’ down rods, which ensures there is ample distance from the ceiling and optimized air movement. The fan can be used in the living room, lounge, bedroom, and even the children’s room. You can control the brightness of the light and the speed of the ceiling fan using the remote control without necessarily waking up in the comfort of your space.


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4. Best Wall Control – Minka-Aire F844-DK 52” Ceiling Fan with Remote Control

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Minka Aire F844-DK is a ceiling fan made from Minka Aire that is known to be among the leading brands in the manufacturing of ceiling fans. The 3-blade ceiling fan is known for its ability to move a lot of air as it’s 52 sized which is compatible with a standard room. The down rod mounting used holds it firmly in a 9 ft ceiling to ensure that every space is adequately aerated.

Minka Aire F844-DK comes with a remote and wall control system for convenience according to the activity you are undertaking in the room. Therefore, when relaxing or sleeping in your bed you can control the brightness and speed conveniently without waking up while you can use the alternative wall control while standing or walking into the room. The ceiling has a LED lighting unit that has a lifespan of up to 50000 hours giving you a longtime service. Also, the lighting is suitable for using as the only lighting system as it produces soft white light.


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5. Best with Light and Remote Control – Hunter Sentinel Indoor Brushed Slate Ceiling Fan 

ceiling fans with light

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When you are looking for an impressive ceiling fan with top-notch and powerful airflow then you cannot go wrong with the Hunter Sentinel ceiling fan. The ceiling fan comes with a universal handheld remote that enables you to control the brightness of the lights and the speed of the blades with ease at the comfort of your seat. It comes with an LED light kit that is energy-efficient and dimmable to enable you to conserve the energy bill every month.

With Hunter Sentinel there is no worry about the airflow in the room as it has a powerful multi-speed reversible fan motor that delivers powerful airflow and while maintaining the quietness of the room. Besides, the motor can easily change the direction of the fan blade which not only serves the cooling effect during the summer but is also functional during winter seasons. The Indoor ceiling fan is fully adjustable which is for customizing proper spaces from the ceiling and optimizes air movement due to the blade height. It can be used in bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchens.


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6. Best with Large Blades – Honeywell 50608 -01 Xerxes Fan with Remote Control

ceiling fan with light

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Honeywell 50608-01 is a high-efficient ceiling fan which produces fresh air and an outstanding cooling effect. Made from a reputable brand, Honeywell is a modern ceiling fan that boasts a bold body and dual-finish fan blades which complements the style in your home fitting the rooms decoration. It comes with a 3-speed setting and the light output which is dimmable at the touch of the button from the remote control.

The ceiling fan is compatible with a tri-mount capability as it’s widely known how installing or hanging the fan can be challenging. It can be hung on a low profile, on an angled ceiling, or a 4” down rod. It is quiet with a reversible and powerful motor thus the ability to hang the direction of the fan while the speed can be controlled easily. The measurement of the ceiling is 14.33 inches while hanging from the ceiling and the blade span is 62 thus is suitable to be used in large bedrooms, living rooms, or common areas.


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What Types of Cooling Ceiling Fans to Choose?

There are various types of cooling ceiling fans, and the following are some of these types.

– With lights.

These are cooling ceiling fans that have been designed with the lighting units in them. You can buy the cooling ceiling fan with lighting if the place installed could require a boost with lighting, or just for stylish decor addition and energy-saving as well. There are different lighting sources that a fan could offer, including, halogen, LED, and fluorescent lights. They have different rates of energy saving.

– With remote.

These are cooling ceiling fans where you use the remote control at the convenience of where you are relaxing. The remote control is used to turn on and off while adjusting the speed of the ceiling fans with ease. Unlike other ceiling fans with pull chains, these cooling ceiling fans are made for a high ceiling where pull chains could not be accessible. They are lightweight and portable.

– With light and remote.

These are cooling ceiling fans that have both the lighting functionality and are controlled using a remote system. These are mostly among the modern cooling ceiling fans where you do not have to install a lighting system with it, and there is easiness in customizing the speed and the brightness of the fan using the remote.


What Makes a Good Cooling Ceiling Fan For Rooms?

best cooling ceiling fan for cooling a room

Cooling ceiling fans come in hand during hot days and summer seasons. However, despite using them for outdoor purposes there are also very beneficial for indoor usages. Unlike the use of air conditioners, a cooling ceiling fan helps improve the air circulation and temperatures in rooms. If the doors and windows are left open while it’s working, the hot air is pushed out while pulling in the fresh air. Besides, when it’s near the individuals using it or has high RPM the fan creates a cool breeze to the skin of the user enhancing relaxation.

Also, the various versatile features contribute to a good cooling ceiling fan. Features like the remote control, light function, stylish, energy-efficient, high-performance, among others, attributes to a good cooling ceiling fan.


Cool Outdoor Ceiling Fan vs Cool Indoor Ceiling Fans

There is a notable difference between both outdoor and indoor ceiling fans according to variation in their rating. Outdoor ceiling fans are categorized into two ratings, damp and wet rating. Damp ratings are designed for covered outdoor areas that have indirect contact with moisture, rain, and more. These are used in carports, patios, kitchens, screened porches, or bathrooms. These cooling ceiling fans can handle the dampness and moisture occasionally.

Wet-rated cooling ceiling fans are used in outdoor areas, they are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions like water, snow, and rains. These cool outdoor ceiling fans are highly durable as they are made with sturdy materials that cannot rust, break easily, or be prone to electrical fires. They are usually used in gazebos, porches, or exposed decks.

Dry rated ceiling fans are used for indoor purposes. Unlike the outdoor ceiling fans, these are not exposed to moisture whatsoever as they can easily rust, corrode or develop electric faults. The blades are normally made with high-quality furniture grade woods or plastics. The dry-rated has more control options and electronic features. They are normally used in bedrooms, dining rooms, foyers, and finished basements.

Recommended Wet-rated Cooling Ceiling Fans for Outdoors

Top-rated Dry-rated Cooling Ceiling Fans For Indoors


Summer Cool Ceiling Fan Price.

According to different brands and a variety of cooling ceiling fans in the market, the prices are bound to vary. Different cooling ceiling fans tend to have different features like sizes, energy-saving ability, style and designs, lighting, and so forth define their differences in prices. For instance, a cooling ceiling fan used outdoors requires sturdy and strong materials thus pricey than those used indoors. Even with similar features and style but different brands, the cost may vary. However, at around $50 up to $150 you can get the most ceiling with the desired features.


Features of a Cool Office Ceiling Fan

Buying a cool office ceiling fan should not be a complicated task. This is because by knowing how to choose the right ceiling fan you will know what are the best features to look for in an office ceiling fan. Below are some features:

– Motor size and blade pitch.

When looking for a cool office ceiling fan, you need to check on the premium fan motor. The powerful motor means that it will not make noise when turned on while ensuring optimum performance. Devoid of noise it enables you to concentrate on your work while the less the blade pitch the more airflow thus more cooling effect.

– Style and decor.

There are a variety of ceiling fans in the market, thus go for the cool office ceiling fan that will complement the decorations in your office. For example, using quality grade wood to complement the furniture in your office.

– Lighting.

Since a fan is a big investment ensure that you customize it to match your desires. Because of lighting in your office, you might opt to use the ceiling fan lighting instead of regular lighting. Thus, go for the LED, halogen, or fluorescent lighting that will save energy and money while protecting your eyes from damages.

Choosing the best cooling ceiling fans for office to use



In what direction should your cooling ceiling fan run?

For your ceiling fan to produce a cool effect, it should run in a clockwise direction. This makes the fan create currents that move the air down and out. The cool air which has pooled near the floor becomes evenly distributed by the fan blades thus making you able to feel the coolness on your skin.

How to use your ceiling fan for maximum cooling.

The ceiling fan always runs counterclockwise while providing a cool effect. When the room is occupied, run the speed of the ceiling fan between medium and high speed. This increases the movement of air thus creating an artificial breeze that aids in evaporating moisture from your skin.




Cool your home down during the summer seasons by getting the best cooling ceiling fan. They come with a variety of designs and styles, sizes, different types of lighting, and blades. Don’t let heat distract you from performing other activities in your home, go grab your cooling ceiling fan.