Best Ceiling Fan for Great Room Reviews

The ceiling fans for great rooms are designed with large blade sizes to ensure the fans can supply enough airflow in the room. These fans are also designed with other features like lighting in the middle for providing great illumination in the room. They feature either flush or downward rod installation model to choose the perfect design depending on the style or room size. This article consists of a review of the top ten best ceiling fan for great room.

Top 10 Best Ceiling Fan for Great Room

Top 10 Best Ceiling Fan for Great Room Reviews

1. For Sale – Westinghouse Lighting 7861400 Indoor Ceiling Fan

best ceiling fan for great room

This fan features blades measuring about 56 inches long to provide an excellent flow of air in a large room. It features high-quality build-essential for installing in different areas on the indoors. The brushed nickel finish on the blades makes them look attractive and ensure their durability as well. This fan is ideal for setting in a room measuring from 18 by 20 ft as it can supply fresh airflow in an area of up to 360-meter square

  • This fan is powered by a durable and great motor
  • It comes with a 15-year warranty
  • It features high-quality materials
  • This fan may have high power consumption as opposed to other models

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2. With LED Lights – Westinghouse Lighting Oil Rubbed Bronze 7207800 Ceiling Fan

best 60 inch ceiling fan for great room

Other than providing a good flow of air in the room, this fan is also fitted with an LED light for illumination purposes. It comes with a remote for easy control when adjusting the speed or switching on and off. The fan has six blades each measuring 60 inches in length to offer excellent flow in large rooms. The blades are reversible for convenience use even in cold days. The high quality equipped motor empowers the fan to function well without causing much noise distractions in the room.

  • This fan is an energy-efficient model
  • It features a powerful motor that works in a quiet mode
  • It comes with a remote for easy control
  • The fan also has an LED light
  • The light on this fan is not very dimmable

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3. With Remote Control – Honeywell 50609-01 Xerxes Ceiling Fan

remote controlled ceiling fan

The large contemporary design of this ceiling fan makes the room it is fitted to look elegant and beautiful. It is also well finished and coated to ensure durability. There is an integrated LED light on the mid-section to provide good illumination in the room. Controlling the functionality of this fan is easy since it comes with a remote for control purposes.

The speed has three varying options to choose from. The blades measure 62 inches to offer great airflow in large rooms. This fan is also easy to hang with the provided tools. The equipped LED light provides a brightness of up to 1400 lumens with a power usage of 18 watts.

  • This ceiling fan is easy to install on the ceiling
  • The motor does not produce loud noises when functioning
  • The fan comes with a warranty for quality assurance
  • It is compatible with Google Alexa for control purposes
  • The user manual guide for installation does not flow well

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4. Hunter Brand – Hunter 60″ Regalia New Bronze Ceiling Fan

hunter ceiling fan

With blades size of 60 inches, this fan guarantees high-quality airflow in the room. Installation is easy as it features the downward installing method. The fan is also fitted with a long chain in the middle for easy controlling and changing the settings.

There is an LED light to provide great illumination in the room as well. This ceiling fan features three functional speeds to choose from depending on the temperature levels in the room. It also features a contemporary design that blends well with other furniture in the house and the decors too.

  • This fan is powered by a heavy-duty motor
  • It has four-speed options to choose from
  • The motor does not produce loud annoying noises when in use
  • Less CFM than its advertisment

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5. Twin Fan – Harbor Breeze Twin Breeze Ii 74-in Oil-rubbed Bronze Downrod Ceiling Fan

best outdoor ceiling fan for great rooms

This is a dual ceiling fan that provides excellent airflow in large rooms settings. It comes with a lifetime warranty for quality guarantee. The fan has a total of 6 knuckles brushed blades with three on each side to ensure excellent airflow in the room.

The middle section of the fan features a bulb to allow excellent illumination in the room. The fan measures about 74 inches in length for a great flow of air. It is powered by a 440 CFM motor to ensure continued functionality of the fan.

  • The fan adds a touch of decor to the room it is fit
  • It fits use in all seasons since the blades are reversible
  • It consists of a powerful motor
  • Some customers have complained about this fan having high power consumption effect

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6. Black Fan – Honeywell 50611 Phelix High Power Ceiling Fan

best high power ceiling fan for great rooms

If you are looking for a reliable ceiling fan for your large living room then this is a good model of a fan worth investing in. Other than providing excellent airflow in the house, this fan features three LED lights that provide up to 350 lumens for efficient lighting in the room. It has low power consumption since it utilizes about 7 watts; hence, you don’t need to worry about the electric bills shooting. This fan is compatible with the two mounting methods so you can choose the right model to suit your home needs. The motor functions in a reversible mode, and it does not produce loud annoying noises.

  • The fan has three LED spotlights
  • It fits all large rooms as it offers great airflow
  • This is an energy-efficient fan
  • It is compatible with dual mounting methods
  • You may need to add more bulb in the room since the fan does not provide good lighting in the large areas it is fitted.

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7. With Wall Control – Emerson CF765BQ Ceiling Fan

wall control ceiling fans

The 60-inch trio blades equipped on this fan ensures fast and efficient airflow in large rooms. The blades feature brush finish to add a touch of elegance and ensure durability as well. This fan features a unique design that makes it add a great look in the entire room.

It is suitable for high ceiling installation since it comes with a 6-inch rod for hanging the fan downward. There is four-speed control for you to choose the right airflow according to the humid in the room. It is packed with a remote for easy and fast controlling its functionality.

  • The blades feature a great finish to ensure durability
  • The fan is quite easy to install
  • It fits most ceilings including homes with high ceilings
  • It is easy to control the functionality of the fan
  • The fan is a little noisy when put in high-speed mode

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8. White Finishes – Kichler 300250MWH Surrey 60″ Ceiling Fan

best white ceiling fan for great rooms

This fan features a white matte finish that makes it blend well with other decors in the room and the ceiling. There are four blades with each measuring about 60 inches long to provide great flow in large rooms. This fan is quite durable and fits to use in different locations including areas with saltwater since it can withstand the saltwater sprays. The blades function in a reverse mode such that you can use the fan to provide warm temperatures during the cold days.

  • This fan features an adjustable chain for comfortable reach when controlling it
  • It is made of weather-resistant materials; hence, can be installed on the outdoors
  • The white finish on the fan makes it look elegant
  • This fan comes with a limited warranty

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9. Modern Designs – Savoy House 62-5085-3SV-SN Monfort 3 Blade Ceiling Fan

best modern ceiling fan for great rooms

This ceiling fan consists of three fan blades with each measuring about 62 inches in length to ensure excellent and fast flow in the room to save on power usage. The finishing on the whole structure adds a touch of beauty to your homes overall decor. Note that this fan is compatible with LED light although you have to buy it separately. One is also offered one year warranty for quality assurance on buying the fan.

  • The fan has a powerful motor
  • It is an energy-efficient model
  • The finishing makes the whole room to look great
  • Fixing the bulb on this fan is not an easy process

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10. Energy Star – Monte Carlo 3MAVR70BK Maverick Max 70” Ceiling Fan

best energy star ceiling fan

This is a versatile ceiling fan that you can set on either indoors or outdoors. It features high-quality material and durable finishing safeguarding it from damage when exposed to extreme weather changes on the outdoors. The fan has three blades essential for fast and efficient airflow in the room. There are 6-speed options to choose from depending on the temperatures. It comes with a handheld remote for convenience when controlling its functionality and the speed. This fan features a matte finish to add a touch of decor in the room.

  • Controlling this fan is easy with the provided remote
  • It provides high quality and reliable airflow in the room
  • There are 6-speed control options to choose from
  • The fan has a beautiful matte finish
  • Installing this fan is not easy and you may need to hire a technician to do it for you

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What Size Ceiling Fan Is Best for A Great Room?

what size ceiling fan for great room

The size of the fan is one of the crucial things to consider when buying since it determines the airflow in the house. How do you choose the right size of a fan for a great room? The first thing you need to check is the length of the blade. The larger the blades are the more powerful motor it has thus, making it easy to supply enough air in the room. The most preferred fan sizes for large rooms have blades measuring from 50 to 80 or more.

The Types of Ceiling Fans for Great Rooms

best ceiling fan for great rooms reviews

1. Modern Ceiling Fan

The modern ceiling fans feature an infusion of both contemporary and modern design to provide excellent airflow in the room. These fans also come equipped LED light in the middle to provide illumination in the room. These ceiling fans feature either three blades or more than blades depending on the style preference and the area to fit it. They consist of a powerful motor that empowers them to function well in providing great airflow, especially when set in large rooms.

2. Ceiling Fan with Light

Ceiling fans with lights are versatile in use as they provide great airflow in the house while ensuring good illumination as well. The majority of these fans come with remote control for easy operational when switching on and controlling the fan speed. Some feature single LED light while others are equipped with multiple Edison lights to offer excellent lighting in the room.

These fans have different levels of illumination that range from as low as 100 lumens to 1000 or more. Most of the fans equipped with lights are energy-efficient to prevent high energy consumption in your household. The fans function just like other high-quality fans but with a touch of elegance and illumination option for those who need to add more brightness in their house.

3. Ceiling Fan with Remote Control

This is the perfect fan option if you want convenience and easy to operate the fan. This fan is super easy to operate since you don’t need to keep on getting up to make any changes in terms of adjusting the fan speed or even switching on and off.

The fans operated with a remote are compatible with most of the universal remotes such that you can integrate the most of the standard fans to use with a remote. The fans with remotes are equipped with different settings buttons for control purposes. Thus you can be able to change the fan speed or movement direction at the comfort of your couch with such a fan.

4. Smart Ceiling Fan

A smart ceiling fan is the type of fan with automatic settings. This means that the fan is set in a way that it automatically reminds itself when to spin when to increase speed and you can also set it at the right time you want it to start up. The smart fans are programmable for easy setting and controls to fit your home temperature needs and changes.

Most of these fans feature smart thermostats such that you can easily control its functionality from a distance. For example, you can set the smart fan to switch on and off or adjusts the speed depending on the current seasons or temperatures. They are also compatible with smart apps like Google Alexa for convenience control.

How to Choose the Best Ceiling Fan for Great Room?

best great room ceiling fans

The size of the room

Not all large sized fans can fit in large areas settings. In this case, you need to measure the area of the room to guide you in finding the right fan. The size of the house is measured in terms of the distance from the floor to the ceiling, and the square meter.

The fans are equipped with large blades that can circulate the air in different areas where some cover around the 600-metre room, while others can cover up to 800 or 900 square metre areas. Also, the distance from the floor to the ceiling guides to choose the right style of fan. If the distance is too high, then you may have to consider acquiring a downward fan or for an efficient flow of air, if the distance is not that big, ceiling flush fans are the perfect options.

The mounting style

There are two methods for mounting the ceiling fan; there are the flush and downward rod mounting option. The flush method is suitable for homes where the ceiling is equipped too close to the floor while the on downward rod method fits homes with the ceiling too high from the floor.

If the distance between the floors to the ceiling measures from 8 ft long, then consider getting the downward rod fan. If the ceiling is too high then you may need to consider getting a fan with a double rod for efficient airflow around the room.

The number of blades

The number of blades is another crucial thing to consider when choosing a fan for large rooms. The fans that are equipped with three or four blades are perfect in air flow since they move more after and blows high levels of ai as opposed to fans with more blades. They also help to save on energy use in the area yous et them since there are high levels of airflow within a limited time.

The blade size

The fans equipped with large blades are the perfect option because they facilitate enough flow of air in the room and at a further distance. The sizes of the blades range from 20 to 70 inches in length. So, the longer the blades are, the higher levels of air it will blow and vice versa.

Other accessories such as light

There are fan models which feature light in the middle to provide illumination in the areas that you set them. The light also adds a touch of decor in the house by acting as the focal point in the ceiling. The fans come with different light settings whereby some models feature LED lights while others have Edison lights. Check out the power consumption of the fan to guide you in choosing the perfect fan for your home.


If you are looking for reliable and excellent fans for setting in large rooms, the above review features the top best models on the market. These fans are quite reliable in providing good airflow. Some models also feature light in the middle to provide great illumination in the room. So, check out the review to choose the fan that suits your room.

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