Best Bamboo Ceiling Fan for Your Living Space

Looking for the best bamboo ceiling fan for your home?

A bamboo ceiling fan is what you are searching for. Bamboo ceiling fans are made from naturally crafted bamboos and equipped with a few other materials to give them the best look and performance.

We are here to offer you useful suggestions about choosing the fabulous bamboo ceiling fan. We list some recommended products in this variety for your benefits and convenience.

tropical style bamboo ceiling fan with light kit


Benefits of Bamboo Ceiling Fan

Bamboo ceiling fans are the fanciest inventions that add a more exquisite taste to your living room and house in general. The following are the benefits that come along with having a bamboo ceiling fan:

 Add beauty and style to your house 

Bamboo ceiling fans are available in many different styles, designs, colors, and shapes. You can choose the best designs that will make your room flourish and fancy.

The various types available include banana-like leaves, butterfly-like fans, traditionally crafted and painted to bring about desirable beauty.

Not all are crafted traditionally. Some are made modern to suit individuals who like their house’s interior to look modernized.

 Energy efficient 

Energy efficiency is among the main benefits brought about by bamboo ceiling fans. The fans can quickly make your house cooler or warmer, therefore acting as a thermostat.

Although they don’t automatically respond to temperature changes, they need to be regulated. They can save you the extra energy expenses.

In addition to that, bamboo ceiling fans use a minimal amount of energy units than conventional fans.

 Versatile for use in different rooms 

Bamboo ceiling fans can be used in different rooms that perform different functions. There are large ceiling fans that are made to suit master bedrooms and other large venues.

Furthermore, medium and small-sized ceiling fans are suitable for smaller rooms, children’s bedrooms, or a family’s small basement room.

 Functional illumination 

Most bamboo ceiling fans are equipped with lighting features, this significantly contributes to the beautifully layered lighting system in your house.

Plus, they contain a dimmed light feature that makes it easy for one to read even in bed.

These features call for everyone with a plan of installing bamboo ceiling fans to consider choosing light kits that can coordinate with other fixtures and appliances in all the areas in your home.

beatuiful bamboo ceiling fan for livingroom


How to Choose the Right One?

Choosing a high-quality bamboo ceiling fan can be overwhelming for the first time. that’s why one should understand what they want and how they want it done.

The following are the factors you should consider when choosing the right one:

 Installation and size requirements 

One of the most crucial things you should consider before buying any bamboo ceiling fan is the fan size. Each fan has been created or designed to provide efficient airflow in the particular square footage of living space.

The size of your living space will determine the size of the bamboo ceiling fan you are likely to buy. Here is a guide of the room size:

• Small offices or powder rooms of up to 50 square feet should be installed with a bamboo ceiling fan with blades of 29-inch and below.

• Medium offices, bedrooms, and bathrooms of between 70 to 175 square feet, the ceiling fan blade should be 42-inch to 48-inch.

• Large bedrooms and bathrooms of 175 to 350 square feet should be installed with bamboo ceiling fans with blades of 52-inch to 56-inch.

• Larger living rooms equipped with high ceiling heights, over 350 square feet room size, their blade sizes should be above 60-inch.

 Bamboo ceiling fan control system 

There are three main types of bamboo ceiling fans control, they control and regulate the room temperatures, they are:

• Remote control

It is the most appropriate control of your ceiling fan because it is portable and lightweight. Therefore, it can control the bamboo ceiling fans in places that are difficult to reach and high ceilings.

It is most suitable to use indoors rather than outdoors.

• Wall control

It is one of the traditional control methods, where a button regulates the fan’s speed. It is always ideal to use this control method in the kitchen, living rooms, and dining rooms.

• Pull chain

The method provides primary usage, it is ideal for easy-to-reach places and low-maintenance bamboo ceiling fans.

best bamboo outdoor ceiling fan tropical style


Bamboo Ceiling Fan Price

Bamboo ceiling fan prices differ depending on style, size, and models. If you have a budget of $100 or $200, you can still find a good bamboo ceiling fan within your account.

Here is a guide on each budget:

  • $100 bamboo ceiling fan budget:

With this budget, you can get a bamboo ceiling fan for a starter home or apartment. They are inexpensive, simple, and can come without a light and pull chain control system.


  • $200 bamboo ceiling fan budget:

Ceiling fans within this budget are more transitional than the others, they fall in between traditional and contemporary.

They have integrated with lighting and have curvilinear blades. They are ideal for homes, small offices, and apartments.


  • $300 bamboo ceiling fan budget:

They offer more advanced features than the $100 and $200 ones. They have full range light dimming, equipped with DC motors making them more energy efficient.

They are energy-saving ceiling fans since they are integrated with fluorescent lighting.

They are mostly ideal for business offices and condos.


  • Over $300 bamboo ceiling fan budget:

If your budget goes beyond $300, then you can be guaranteed to get fancier bamboo ceiling fans with handcrafted glass, blades, and deluxe textiles.

Most of them have integrated LED lighting, and their performance is more than superior.

They are available in many designs, and therefore you will have many options to choose from.

They are ideal for high-end homes, retail, and commercial spaces.


Top Bamboo Ceiling Fans Review

1. Best with Light: Andersonlight 52-inch Industrial Cage Tropical Style Ceiling Fan with 5 Tropical Blades

best bamboo indoor ceiling fan with reversible motor


  • Remote control
  • Durable and strong
  • Compatible and Easy to install
  • LED lights


  • A little bit pricey

If you like some color change in your living room, then the dimmable led ceiling fan should be at the top of your list since it can change colors from warm white to daylight and end with cool white illuminations.

Consequently, you can easily control the speed and air circulation with the help of a remote.

Unlike other outdoor ceiling fans, the dimmable led ceiling fan is made of strong blades that both guarantee you a longer lifespan.

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2. Best Tropical: Gulf Coast Fans Tiki Tropical Style Bamboo Blades Ceiling Fan for Outdoor Use

Gulf Coast Fans tropical style with 5 bamboo blades


  • Comes with 3-speed and reversible motor
  • Longer warranty


  • A little bit pricey

If you like a simulated bamboo design as your ceiling fan, then this ceiling fan should be on your bucket list as it provides you with an elegant design that matches any indoor décor.

The fan is also equipped with a powerful motor to ensure that you receive a continuous supply of clean and fresh air.

Unlike other designs, the fan comes with a 52-inch outdoor design that gives you an easy installation procedure.

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Bamboo ceiling fans are the best home appliance that you should consider as a cooling option. They are also manufactured in a unique way to create conducive indoor and outdoor environments with beauty and style.

Your preferences will lead you to the best ones. The price and durability should always be at the top of the features you are looking for.

Rock your living space with the best ceiling fans in town.

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Gulf Coast Fans...image Best Tropical: Gulf Coast Fans Tiki Tropical Style Bamboo Blades Ceiling Fan for Outdoor Use Buy on Amazon
ANFERSONLIGHT Industrial Cage...image Best with Light: Andersonlight 52-inch Industrial Cage Bamboo Style Ceiling Fan with 5 Tropical Blades Buy on Amazon