Top 6 Best 60 Inch Ceiling Fan Reviews

60 Inch ceiling fan is an ideal ceiling fan size for large rooms. They play important roles in your house, especially for new rooms. On the one hand, they allow fresh air to circulate freely in your house; and on the other hand, it can decorate your house better.

So, in this article, we will review the top 6 best 60-inch ceiling fans. If you want to buy a perfect ceiling fan for your large room, don’t miss it.

What Is the Best 60-Inch Ceiling Fan On Market?

Why You Need A 60 Inch Ceiling Fan?

60-inch ceiling fan fans work by pulling the cooler air from the floor and pushing warm air down. The rotating blades have a breeze effect that reduces stuffiness in the room.

best 60 inch fan with light

  • Energy-Saving Choice

A 60-inch ceiling fan can save up to 40% on your energy bills. You can use it together with the air conditioner. The 8-degree difference from your fan can protect you’re A/C from overworking. There is no harm if you decide to run the fan and the A/C simultaneously. You can rely on the 60-inch ceiling fan alone if the temperature is not too high.

A 60-inch ceiling fan is a good backup plan for you is A/C. Sometimes, your AC may stop working due to mechanical failures. You will have to keep up with a stifled house if you don’t have a backup.

  • Safer Than Floor Fans

A 60-inch ceiling fan is a safer option when compared to floor fans. Most floor fans can topple and break and are dangerous when you have young children around. The fast-spinning blades can cause serious injuries. Ceiling fans are fixed on the ceiling and are out of everyone’s way. It’s unlikely to touch the fans unless you are very tall. It makes your home look spacious, unlike other cooling appliances that clutter your house.

  • Aesthetic Appearance

A 60-inch ceiling fan fans boost the aesthetic appearance of your house. An attractive home is appealing to the eye and can also fetch a high price when you decide to sell it. A 60-inch ceiling fan comes in different shapes and styles that can blend with any décor. Popular brands have different designs, and some even feature lights to make them attractive.

Lastly, a 60-inch ceiling fan can keep insects away. The strong breeze prevents mosquitoes and flies from hovering around. Insects are annoying, especially during mealtime. This type of Ceiling fans can keep these creepy insects at bay.

Top 6 Best 60 Inch Ceiling Fan

Top 6 Best 60-inch Ceiling Fan Reviews

1. Hunter 60″ Regalia New Bronze Ceiling Fan With Light

best 60 inch ceiling fans

  • Attractive Appearance

This simple but attractive fan not only beautifies your home but also saves energy. The large size can cool a large room since it circulates a lot of air. The powerful motor generates enough airflow without making noise.

  • Four Speeds Choice

The ceiling fan has four speeds that you can choose from, depending on the hotness of the room. Another great feature is the reverse option that enables the fan to run anticlockwise. This is an essential feature since it enables the fan to cool your house all year round.

  • Pull Chain Control

The fan has pull chains to help you adjust the speed and switch the light on and off with ease. You can also use a remote control to operate the fan. The fan is designed to last since it’s built from durable materials. Note that the fan has LED lighting, making it attractive.

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2. Prominence 51029 Denon Large Farmhouse Ceiling Fan

best 60 inch ceiling fan with light

  • Fit Into Any Decor

This ceiling fan focuses on both aesthetics and functionality. The farmhouse design blends well with the traditional bowl design, allowing it to fit into any décor. The blade is 60 inches tall and can circulate air freely in larger rooms such as the master bedroom, dens, and playrooms.

  • Dual Blade Options

Perhaps the most interesting thing about this fan is that you can choose blades. The fan comes with dual blade options for you to choose from. You don’t stick on one color if it doesn’t fit your décor.

  • LED Lights

Another advantage of the fan is that it has powerful LED bulbs. You can easily adjust the brightness of the bulbs from 160 lumens to 800 lumens. The pull chains enable you to switch on the light and control the speed of the fan with ease.

  • Easy Installation

Installing the fan should not be a problem since it’s straightforward. You don’t need any skills to install the fan, and it comes with a detailed instruction manual.

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3. Casablanca 55052 Heathridge 60-Inch Tahoe Ceiling Fan

best 60 ceiling fan

  • Powerful Ceiling Fan

This ceiling fan has a direct drive motor that is not only powerful but silent. The motor is quiet and can serve you for decades. The motor is reversible, allowing you to change the direction of the fan. This is an important feature since it ensures that the fan is productive all year round. You can switch to updraft mode during winter and downdraft mode during summer.

  • 5 Large Wooden Blades

The fan comes with five large wooden blades that give your house a classic old-fashion touch. The blades are made from hardwood and won’t break easily. Also, the 13 pitch blades offer peak performance and ensure that there is maximum air movement.

  • Better Air Circulation

The fan has 2-inch and 3-inch down rods that guarantee a safe distance from the ceiling and optimize the circulation of air. The ceiling fan can be used in large rooms such as patios, sunrooms, and covered porches.

  • Universal Wall Control

Another advantage of this fan is that it comes with universal wall control. You can easily control the speed and direction of the fan with ease.

  • Lifetime Motor Warranty

The Casablanca ceiling fan comes with a lifetime motor warranty, something that other brands don’t offer. It also comes with a 1-year electronic and parts warranty.

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4. Hunter 60 Inch Modern Indoor Ceiling Fan, 59459

hunter 60 inch ceiling fans

  • Powerful Air Circulation

The Hunter Indoor Ceiling Fan delivers a powerful air movement but remains quiet while performing its function. The WhisperWind motor ensures that you have a comfortable time while enjoying the cool breeze.

  • Reversible Motor

The motor is reversible, allowing you to change the direction of the motor depending on the season. You can switch from updraft mode during winter to downdraft mode during the summer. It allows you to use your fan all year round.

  • Simple Ceiling Fan

The fan is simple and has three blades that are made from the oak tree. They are durable and attractive and can blend with any décor. The blades are optimized to provide maximum air circulation and top-notch performance.

  • LED Light

The fan has an LED light that enhances its appearance. You can adjust the brightness of the bulbs using the pull chains or remote control. The fan should only be used inside the house.

Hunter indoor fan comes with a limited lifeline warranty. Note that the company has been in the business for more than a decade.

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5. Minka Aire F846-WHF, Wave II 60″ Ceiling Fan

best 60 outdoor ceiling fan

  • Energy-Saving

The Minka Aire Fan is an energy-saving ceiling fan that can move 3855 CFM of air. The fan is much powerful as compared to other brands in its category. The bright white color makes it blend with most decors.

  • Attractive Look

The streamlined artistic shape of this fan gives it an attractive look. It comes with hand-held remote control for convenience. You can also use the wall controls if you misplace the remote or it fails to work.

  • Reversible Motor

The ceiling fan comes with a reversible motor, ensuring that you get the best out of your fan all year round. You can switch from downdraft mode to updraft mode, depending on the weather. Note that the light kit is sold separately.

  • Two Speeds

The fan has two speeds; low speed has 1158 CFM while high speed has 4231 CFM. When it comes to energy, the fan uses 2.94 watts when at low speed and 29.81 watts when at high-speed mode.

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6. Westinghouse Lighting 7207700 Cayuga Ceiling Fan With Remote Control

best 60 ceiling fan with light

  • Powerful Ceiling Fan

This powerful fan comes with six blades, the most that you can get on a ceiling fan. It can cool large rooms such as bedrooms and playrooms. The wooden blades can fit into any décor.

  • Unique and Attractive

The blade brackets make the fan unique and attractive. It also has LED lights that enhance the appearance of the fan. The dimmable 8-watt bulbs save energy, ensuring that you cut down the electricity cost.

  • With Remote Control

The fan comes with a hand-held remote control for convenient operation. You can control the speed, bulb brightness, or with on/off the lights and fan. The fan has four speeds to choose from depending on the status of the room.

  • High-end Motor

The high-end motor guarantees optimal air movement and doesn’t make noise. The motor comes with a lifetime warranty while the other parts have a two-year warranty.

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7. Canarm Industrial 60″ Ceiling Fan, 46000 CFM

best 60 flush mount ceiling fan

  • Metal Durable Ceiling Fan

This high-performance fan is made from metal, making it sturdy and durable. The heavy-duty motor and straight blades offer better cooling capacity and optimal air movement. The fan is sealed, making it suitable for rooms with high moisture content.

  • Reversible Motor

The ceiling fan comes with a reversible motor that makes it useful all year round. The fan is designed for spacious rooms and can cool large rooms. One feature that puts this fan above the rest is that it has an infinite speed adjustment. The controls can fit in a small electrical switch box. The ball bearings and motor are designed for maximum performance and long life.

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How To Choose The Best 60-inch Ceiling Fan?

Buying a ceiling fan can be a daunting task, especially if you have never done it before. However, choosing is not a problem if you look to put some things in mind. Consider the following features before you settle for a fan.

best 60 inch industrial ceiling fan

1. Motor

The motor is like the engine of the fan, and a bad one may cause more harm than good. A good motor should not only be powerful but quiet also. Ensure that the motor can cool the entire room and has a lengthy lifespan. DC motors are more efficient but are expensive. Motors, with a diameter of over 200mm, should be able to serve you well.

2. Blades

Most people look at the fan when they go out shopping for a fan. Although the shape, style, and design of the blades matter, the functionality of the blade is more important. The number of blades should also be a consideration when choosing a fan.

Fans come with four, five, or even six blades. Contrary to people’s assumptions, fewer blades are more efficient than many blades. This is because more blades create drag. However, five or six blades are more attractive and don’t make noise. You should also consider the angle of the blades. Choose blades with more than 13 degrees pitch for efficient air movement.

2. Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is an important consideration when buying any electronic device. There is no need to buy a cheap fan only to spend more on electricity bills. Fans with an Energy Star are more energy-efficient than ordinary fans. Ensure that you check the watts of the fan before settling for one. The average wattage of a ceiling fan is 70 watts, and therefore you should choose fans with less than that.

3. Lights

A ceiling fan can double up as a source of lighting if you choose one that has LED bulbs. Therefore, you should ensure that you choose one that has lighting. Also, you can buy a separate lighting kit in case your ceiling fan doesn’t have lighting. Ensure that the light can be adjusted for convenience.

4. Controls

Standard ceiling fans come with pull chain chords for control. However, new models come with wall switch control or remote for easy operation. Wall controls can easily switch the lights and fan on and off and adjust the speed. A remote control allows you to control the fan from the comfort of your seat. Therefore, you should ensure that the fan you buy can be operated easily.

5. Blade Material

Blades are usually made from plastic, wood, or metal. Plastic blades have a unique appearance, are easy to clean and durable. Wooden blades are commonly used for indoor fans. They are light, attractive, and can blend with any room décor. Be keen when choosing the type of wood. Metal blades, on the other hand, are the most common blades and have been around for long. They are usually made from stainless steel or aluminum and are sturdy and durable.


There are other things that you can consider when buying a ceiling fan. Consider the fan mounting, the blade pitch, and the fan blade span. Finally, ceiling fans offer a great backup for your AC. Purchasing one is a greater way of reducing energy costs.

Top 6 Best 60 Inch Ceiling Fan